We Can Create the Country We Want

Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.  — Declaration of Independence

Yes, and their unjust powers, too!! If we can organize to stop consenting, it's all over.  — Michael Goldstein

Michael wrote an extensive essay on the road forward, published in The Huffington Post almost five years ago: All Is Not Lost: 12 Theses on the Way ForwardHere are the theses themselves.  You can consult the full article for an elaboration of any that seems improbable.

1. Our economy, politics, and culture are dominated by corporate capital, to the immediate detriment of more than 99 percent of the population and the ultimate detriment of 100 percent.

2. Our potential power is far greater than that of the elite.

3. The super-wealthy’s control of our polity cannot be changed by working within the system.

4. Seeking to build movements to pressure government to do the right thing in a myriad of policy areas is a rear-guard action, hopelessly inadequate to the crises we face.

5. It is time to jettison the idea of flexing our power to influence policy, in favor of replacing the corporate elite’s government with our own, in a peaceful revolution.

6. The main prerequisites for truly revolutionary change are 1) widespread popular understanding of both its necessity and its possibility; and 2) the organization of a massive, united, disciplined, and sustained movement, guided by a long-term vision and strategy. [From the text: "It is conceivable that we will ultimately achieve the transformation we need through forcing democratic reforms and then electing leaders responsible to us. Whether, however, the transitional scenario is that one or an outright forcing of the government from power, the same degree of revolutionary mobilization will be required."]

7. We can create these prerequisites for transformation of our polity if we build a grass-roots, membership-based political party. ["It must eschew the trap of a rigged electoral game and focus on its two primary tasks, educating our people as to their true interests and the path forward, and organizing them."]

8. An effective party will be united around a clear program, strategy, and tactics, developed democratically; encourage autonomy and creativity in their implementation; confront head-on the challenges to multi-class and multi-ethnic cooperation; and approach the work with the professionalism needed to effectively challenge the most powerful ruling class on earth.

9. A commitment to nonviolence is essential.

10. The party’s program and tactics must implicitly align with spiritual values.

11. The bad news: failure to take up the work is an invitation to fascism.

12. The good news: we are called on to embark on a joyous enterprise, not a grim one; only the situation is grim.

Again, follow this link for Michael's explanation of why each of these is true.

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