How Michael Differs From His Opponents

All Those Progressives!  How is Michael Different?

This is a seven-person race, with five people challenging Nancy Pelosi as not progressive enough.

Michael is the only independent candidate (registered "No Party Preference"), and the only one dedicated to sweeping away the illusion that our country is still democratic enough so that electoral politics can solve its problems.

Here are the other candidates and links to their web pages.

Two candidates from the corporate-funded parties

Nancy Pelosi, Democrat. The incumbent, former speaker of the House, current minority leader, powerhouse fundraiser for the Democratic Party. (Click here for more on her record.)

Lisa Remmer, Republican. No website yet.

Three candidates hoping to reform the Democratic Party

Michael respects the energy and intentions of all three of these folks.  But there are reasons why the billionaire class controls the two-party system, and they will not give it up, any more than they will let the people in all the countries which their government is bombing or intervening in solve their own problems.

Stephen Jaffe, Democrat.

Shahid Buttar, Democrat.

Ryan Khojasteh, Democrat.

A Green Party activist

Michael generally shares the values of the Green Party and admires its' activists' energy and perseverance.  But their strategy — trying to break the Democratic/Republican duopoly  — is dead-end.  Both parties collude to marginalize third parties.  Michael respectfully believes that those who think that those with a stranglehold on political and economic power will give it up at the ballot box, just because we have ballot boxes, are still living within The Matrix.

Barry Hermanson, Green.


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