The Issues Are Not the Issue

The issues are not the issue.  All of Nancy Pelosi's non-Republican opponents share similar progressive views on policy. And all of us will be equally unable to advance those policies, which the 0.1 % see as against their interests, other than by using a congressional seat as a platform.  I will use it less as a platform to advocate humane policies, more as one to help us build a movement for the fundamental transformation that will permit us to enact those policies. — Michael Goldstein

What is distinctive about this campaign is not some prescription for ideal solutions but its prescription for action.  There are actions we can take to get us closer to the day when we have made government our own and can enact life-affirming policies across the board.  For more information on the unique vision this campaign represents, click on the topics under "Our Situation" in the menu above.

That said, Michael believes in:

  • True democracy.  Money out of politics, systems that allow representation by other than the two dominant parties, structures for keeping representatives truly in touch and accountable, direct democracy where practical
  • Peace. Ending intervention in other countries and systematically dismantling the war machine and the agencies that conduct covert operations elsewhere
  • Humane priorities.  Using the $600 billion thus freed up for good physical and mental health care for everyone, free and quality public education, restoring the physical infrastructure, and a transition to an ecologically sustainable economy
  • Diminishing institutional and individual bias against every oppressed group.  A major investment in programs to erode racial, ethnic, and gender prejudice;  overhauling every institution maintaining structural racism and patriarchy, including repressive policing, prosecution, and imprisonment and the school-to-prison pipeline, as well as issues of environmental justice, equal and compensatory access to education, and biases remaining in the media, government, and corporations
  • Ameliorating and responding to climate change.  Moving rapidly towards zero use of fossil fuels;  turning the National Guard and FEMA into effective responders;  assisting communities in moving away from endangered areas
  • Economic justice.  Fair taxation;  re-establishing a protective climate for union organizing;  putting the brakes on income inequality;  prosecuting predatory bankers, as well as corporate executives who mislead their workers or the public about dangers they expose us to
  • Taking resurgent fascism seriously.  Building a movement that speaks to the real needs of those who can be sucked in to authoritarianism, blaming the demeaned other, and hyper-patriotism, while opposing policies, campaigns, and actions which are contributing to the rise of fascism

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