Democrats: Lesser Evil, but Still Evil

Replacing Proto-Fascist Republicans Is Necessary But Not Enough

We got where we are today by fantasizing that the Obama/Clinton/Pelosi Democratic Party could be a genuine alternative to the more extreme corporate-funded party, rather than what it is designed to be: another option for pseudo-democratic corporate rule. If we are willing to look reality in the pace, we can take our country back.

Democrats gained a congressional majority in 2006 because of revulsion to Bush’s Iraq War. But the day after the election, Speaker-to-be (and District 12 incumbent) Nancy Pelosi announced, "Impeachment is off the table."  Then the Democrats continued to fund that war.

Podesta emails revealed that two years later,  as Barack Obama was running for president, his transition team named a cabinet and other high officials who were almost all on a list supplied by a Citigroup executive.

That Administration drastically expanded drone wars, deportations (Obama's first-year numbers were higher than Trump's!), domestic surveillance, and pursuit of whistleblowers; supported a disastrous anti-democratic coup in Honduras; plunged Libya into chaos, helping to build groups like ISIS and contributing to a refugee crisis;  sold billions in weapons to the Saudis and others;  continued to enable Israel's brutal occupation of Palestinian territory;  left housing-crisis criminals unaccountable; did precious little to deal with police killings of people of color, income inequality, and declining public services; and touted the inadequate goals of the Paris Climate Accords as a solution.

Nancy Pelosi, like most Democrats, supported all of this. 

The Democrats' posing as a people-oriented party have given genuine liberals and progressives a bad name, and it is no surprise that some of the people tired of being duped have turned to the far right as an alternative.

So it is not that there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats, especially today.  It is not that it is not urgent to diminish the power of the more extreme of the two corporate parties.  Lesser evil is better than more evil.  But we can create the good.

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