Who is Michael Goldstein?

Author, Return of the Light:  A Political Fable in Which the American People Retake Their Country  (“Clearly written, hopeful, and useful for those interested in building a real democracy” —Michael Parenti)

Currently developing, with a partner, a prototype study-action group for use as a replicable model nationwide, for people looking for clarity and unity on  how to build a sustainable movement for across-the-board political and social transformation

Resident of the Oceti Sakowin Water Protector encampment at Standing Rock for 18 days 

Arrested on the Capitol steps with other Democracy Spring protesters (Washington, D.C., 2016)

Lead investigator/reporter for the Anti-Police Terror Project’s investigation of the Oakland PD shooting of Demouria Hogg;  exposed the lack of justification for the homicide and the official coverup (This letter to the media duplicates a statement he made to the City Council.)

Founder of BeyondBernie.us, urging Bernie Sanders to give his supporters ways of communicating with each other to actually build the movement he spoke of, and providing an online facility for doing that

Initiator of the Pledge Not to Fund Nuclear War in Korea, (illegally) advocating tax resistance


Lawyer doing death-penalty and other appeals for indigent defendants

Blogger in Huffington Post and elsewhere on getting beyond the teeter-totter of the two-party system

Earlier activities:

  • Summer Vista Volunteer doing anti-poverty organizing in Appalachia, 
  • Worked in factories and on a road-maintenance crew, drove a taxi, interned two summers in a Senator's office
  • Public school teaching in a "ghetto" school in New York City
  • Law school internship on the reservation of the Navajo Navajo Nation
  • Arrested with other Stanford Law students sitting in at a Draft Board office during the Vietnam War
  • Risked jail by his torn-up draft card to the White House during the "secret" bombing of Cambodia (part of the Vietnam War)
  • Volunteer attorney with United Farmworkers

Graduate of Princeton University (with High Honors) and Stanford Law School;  M.A. in Counseling Psychology from JFK University; mediation training with the Center for Understanding in Conflict; restorative justice training with Catholic Charities' Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program and victim-outreach pioneer Tammy Krause

Proud parent of two grown daughters

For a more detailed biography of Michael and his political and spiritual journey, click here.


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