What Does "Taking the Red Pill" Mean?

In the 1999 film classic The Matrix, the vast majority of humans experience a simulated world, which looks like ours, while they are actually enslaved and immobilized by forces that parasitically live off their energy. Neo, the hero-to-be, is given a rare opportunity to take a Blue Pill and return to life as he knows it, or the Red Pill, which will allow him to see reality and join those seeking to liberate their fellow humans.

Neo took the Red Pill.

Most Americans are living under a carefully-maintained illusion, believing some or all of the following:

  • Everything will be all right, and those in charge (at least before Trump) know what they are doing
  • Everything will be all right if the party in power is replaced by the party not in power
  • Everything will be all right if we put fresh faces in Congress (let's not think about how those who were once fresh faces got co-opted and corrupted)
  • Though the Democratic Party is under control of the more rational wing of Wall Street and the rest of the top layer of The One Percent, we can reform it
  • If we protest enough, we can make government do what we need it to do
  • If more people voted, we could make government do what we need it to do
  • If enough people talk about intersectionality and building a united movement, it will somehow happen
  • Everything is irretrievably fouled up, and there is nothing we can do to change this

Michael Goldstein is offering a Red Pill, enlightening us as to

  • Why the system cannot be transformed through the structures it uses to maintain itself
  • The missing half of the Declaration of Independence's statement that "Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed" — unjust powers, too, can only be exercised with the consent of the governed
  • Our capacity to educate and organize enough Americans to withhold consent from the parasitic forces that are oppressing many of us and ruining the world
  • How to begin a long-term campaign to build a movement to make government our own

Join us.  Take the Red Pill!

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